Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kicking Ass Punkcast With Steve and Fripp (not that one) June 3, 2014

Today's show features the story of Chez Pazienza and Bob Cesca of the Bubble Genius Show – who outed and helped capture a sign-stealing Sandy Hook truther. It seems this truther wanted to so avenge the fake Sandy Hook Massacre that he stole the memorial park signs of victims Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski. He even phoned the parents and taunted them in their grief. Due to their great work, the perpetrator has been caught. Fripp tells the tale of Chez Pazienza and Bob Cesca's incredible story. Straight ahead on the Kicking Ass Punkcast with Fripp. @StitcherRadio @SwellApp @iTunesPodcasts

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