Blue 2 Blue

One of the ways to build and integrate progressive communities is Blue on-Blue or Blue-to-Blue commerce.  Connecting Blue B2B and B2C businesses with progressive consumers and producers builds communities.
To that end we present those businesses here where you can spend your hard earned supporting Blue enterprises, which in turn helps to support Blue election efforts.

Jackson Street Books at This Bookstore Link is a bookstore in downtown Hoquiam, WA selling new and used books of the Blue persuasion.  Buying a book or two?  Support the Blue 2 Blue cause
by buying them at Jackson Street Books

SpX Clothing at this Link started out as a crew of skiers from the mountains outside of Los Angeles.
SpX today is an independent clothing company devoted to aggressive newschool and freeride skiing, owned and created by hardcore skiers.  Need ski duds?  Get them at SkiPunx and support Blue 2 Blue!

Cole Coffee and Cafe on College Ave. and 63rd St. between Alcatraz and Claremont Avenues, Oakland, CA, is not only a great place to hang out over an awesome cup of coffee, but a place where you can hear Blue Skies Radio podcasts while enjoying that cup of coffee!