Latest News

2/22/12 ::  Virtually Speaking has graciously granted us permission
                  to run their Podcasts and Live Shows!  So, yay!
                  Thank you, Virtually Speaking!  Look for VS pods under
                  our "Cloud Pod Player" tab, and on our FB Page on the
                  "Radio Pods" page.
8/31/11 ::  We are now proudly listed on iTunes under iTunes Radio
                  as Blue Skies Radio!  So, look for us on your iTunes by
                  clicking the Radio icon on the left side of your iTunes,
                  then click the "News / Talk Radio" menu triangle, and then
                  scroll down to find Blue Skies Radio.
                  Then just double click the Blue Skies Radio link to listen!
                  So, yay!

8/29/11 ::  We added our IRC Chat Room to the Player post on our
                 main page and to the "IRC Chat" Tab in the top menu.

8/17/11 ::  Look for our daily Show postings on Twitter and over on
                 our FB Page!

8/12/11 ::  We changed out the links and added a new Player on the main page.  For whatever reason ppl were having a difficult time getting our links to work to hear the show.  That issue should now be resolved.  Yay!