Monday, October 17, 2016

Listen Live

10.16.2013 :: We have moved to our new site at
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Click Play to Listen

Or Listen Live on TuneIn Radio using their Free Mobile App.

Call us @ 417-717-1454 to add your 2¢ to the radio convo, or, if you're logged onto Skype 
just click This Direct Link to our Skype Line to be "on the air!" 
And, find us in our new Netroots Radio Chat Room during our Live Shows!


  1. Okay, for whatever reason Bill Gates apparently doesn't like .pls files. So, if you have Quicktime Player or Winamp you will now be able to play our radio stream. Yay! For Quicktime it's easy. Just click the "Click this Tab to Listen" Tab in the top menu here. Home >> Contact Us >> Click Tab... If you click that Tab you will hear the show. Close the Tab will turn it off. But, if you surf away from the Blog you won't hear it, so you're tied to the Blog. If you have Winamp (or download and install it) and set it as your Default Player in your Preferences, Winamp will open automatically when you click the "Click Here to Listen to the Show" Link. Simple as that. Cured!

  2. Or, even better yet, we've added a SHOUTcast™ Player and a Link to our SHOUTcast™ Popup Player for your listening convenience. Issues solved! If you STILL can't hear the show the "issue" is on your end.

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  4. Thanks! Has been added (under our Player).

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