Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Netroots Radio Kicking Ass September 24, 2013

Fripp (not that one) and Steve leap feetfirst into the arrogant maw that is Canadian Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. That and starve teh children and take lots of farm subsidies if you are a Republican. #KickingAss

Check out this episode!

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  1. They came to Washington to serve themselves. 32 right wing nuts are holding Boehner hostage in his own house. Boehner is doing what is best for the American Person (himself). He is trying to save his 1 speakership position and letting 800,000 hard working Americans be laid off.

    Here's another dreg of society.
    Fox News, SEAN HANNITY (9/30/2013): Maybe I'm just one of the few people, I'm just not... this doesn't impact me mentally.
    Notice the two "I'm" and a "me" in his statement.

    In the "I'm in it for myself" game they can hold out forever. Republicans and their pundits are still receiving paychecks. Why should they care, they're not the one who is suffering.